New Laptop Computer

Well my HP laptop bit the dust. 5 or 6 years is about the lifetime I get from these things.

So I purchased an ASUS notebook/laptop. Research told me this is one of the top three in laptops. Of course the research could be suspect but I bought it anyway.

The computer comes loaded with Windows 8.1 and it is a drastic change from prior versions. It also comes loaded with tons of stuff I do not want but will put up with for now until I get comfortable with this new computer. Do not want to delete something that I may want later.

So far the only thing I like about this new computer is the touch screen, it does at times make things easier at times.

So far almost everything I want to do requires me to sign in to Microsoft something or other. And the pop up ads are driving me crazy. I clicked on a link to register new computer and immediately a pop up came for some computer protection software. Finally just gave up and did not register machine, may register by snail mail.

I also purchased Microsoft office 2013, and did not get a cd just a code word for downloading the software. Damn! And of course to download I had to sign in to my Microsoft account. Much hassle with email passwords and MS account passwords but I finally got it working.

Still trying to figure out how to get children’s games, Netflix and other things off my start screen.

In the past I have always accepted the newer, better windows with little stress, hopefully this will repeat.

You all have a good Easter weekend and enjoy the sunshine.


2 thoughts on “New Laptop Computer

  1. I keep building my own computers and installing older versions of Windows (because I have them and they work). This machine is on Windows 7 which is my latest version. My other machines are on XP (a laptop) and Vista.

    Dell computers came with so much crap on them a guy wrote a free “decrapinator” program to get rid of it. Maybe there is one for your Acer. (I have found Acer products to be as good as any.)

    Good luck with your 21st Century machine!


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