Water, water everywhere nor any drop to drink

In Friday’s Saginaw News.
Right Wing Pundit Ken Braun had an interesting editorial. The piece spoke of a political ad that the Republicans have run in Michigan. And the Democratic response to the ad.
The ad speaks of Democratic candidate for Governor and a tax on water. Water? Who taxes water?
The ad makes no mention of the corporate leaders that are seeking a privatization of water for profit, but that is another story.
The Democratic Party responded saying Mark Schauer was merely trying to protect and preserve one of our most precious resources.
Braun goes on to tell us all how the Hudson Bay is dumping more water in the Great Lakes than the amount of water being diverted out of the Great Lakes.
This story brings memory of something I witnessed in Evart, Mi. years ago.
Nestle had just made a deal to begin drilling and extracting water from the land in Evart. Nestle is a mega-corporation with its headquarters in Germany. I do not know the full details of the contract but I do know that then governor Jennifer Granholm had issued some restrictions on the deal.
The restrictions may have been a limit on how much water Nestle could suck out of the county or it may have even been environmental restrictions.
Well the good Republicans of this county put out papers suggesting the economic advantages of having Nestle as a corporate entity in the county were being held back by the nasty Democratic Governor Granholm.
And my response was “the governor was just trying to protect the good people of Evart from the greed of corporate power Nestle.”
But coming back to the original story here. Braun has exposed himself of being a victim of a condition affecting most, if not all Republicans.
Braun has shown us his inability to think in the long-term. This thinking leads one to sacrifice the future in pursuit of profits now.


2 thoughts on “Water, water everywhere nor any drop to drink

  1. Deja Vu all over again:
    Some years ago, Nestle brought their infant formula to Africa. They supplied new mothers with cases of free formula for their newborn babies and gave them a large supply to take use after their birth. The African mothers welcomed this largesse from Switzerland, a so-called “developed country.” The formula supply was just enough to allow time for the new mothers’ breast milk to dry up. Then Nestle struck. They refused to give any more free formula to the mothers and imposed an unrealistic charge for any more formula. The mothers could not afford to buy enough for their babies’ needs, so they started watering the formula down. Well, you can see where this ended up. Moral: Don’t Trust Corporations. They will screw you into the ground and leave you there to become fertilizer for their next scam.


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