Boston Marathon Today

Thirty-six thousand runners today, more than any race in history. Boston Strong! Yes sir, we are going to show those terrorist thugs we will not be intimidated.
We will wave our flags with pride and glory, the terrorists be damned. If they think they can change us and our traditional actions and values, they better think again.
But, upon further review…

We find ourselves going through metal detectors at major league baseball games, we see on this morning’s news the areas in Boston that have been cordoned off. No vehicles allowed near the start or the end of the today’s marathon.
We see our local police departments arming up with military weapons obtained from the WAR department.
We see our local police pepper spraying and throwing peaceful demonstrators to the ground.
We see police arresting peaceful demonstrators in state capitol buildings across the nation.
We see laws being written banning peaceful demonstrations in public buildings.
We see hundreds of militia type individuals come racing, with assault weapons, at the ready to defend a scofflaw in Nevada as he refuses to comply with federal laws.
We see our citizens killing each other at the toss of a handful of popcorn or the booming sound of a car radio. And these homegrown thugs are getting away with this activity based on laws written to alleviate the fears fostered by the gun lobby.
We see laws being written to allow teachers to carry guns in the classroom.
We see laws being written allowing guns in churches.
We see laws being written allowing sawed off shotguns.
All these laws and changes in our society stem from a society that has been fed a constant message of fear.
So my friends, are we standing up to the terrorists or have they already won?


6 thoughts on “Boston Marathon Today

  1. Ironically, the 9/11 terrorists succeeded after all. They have turned America into a fearful, guarded, even more racist nation. We could change our national slogan to “In Guns We Trust.”


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