Here is a story you may like, fact or fiction? :)

Seems there is a lady that lives in section 8 housing in Pittsburgh, Pa. that has found herself in a fix.

She goes by the name of Nevilc. Not sure if this name stems from her African roots or some other, perhaps “backward” thought. 😉 The neighborhood children all call her Mama Nevvy.

A little background check on this lady finds out she is well liked by the children in her neighborhood. Always has an encouraging word for them and usually a cookie or two. She attends church services weekly at the local church of the redeemed souls. Baptist I think, but not sure. She donates to the church with both money and time and is well liked and received in the church and the community.

Based on this information it came as a complete shock to all when they heard that Nevvy was under federal indictment for having received assistance for claiming children that were not really hers.

She had been receiving both food stamps and earned income credits for 20 some years now claiming neighborhood children as her dependents. Nursing on the government teat so to speak.

The government’s red tape bureaucracy had missed this and let it slide for these many years. Now that they had discovered it they were coming after Nevvy full force. Agents from the IRS were scheduled to come to her house and remove any and all materials deemed to have value. They were also working on confiscating any money she had in bank accounts.

Mama Nevvy felt that she had done no wrong. She had provided food, clothing and shelter to those children. The fact that they were not her biological or legally adopted children should not be a consideration in this manner. Based on that, Nevvy put out a call for help in this predicament. It was not 24 hours before support came rushing to her aid.

When the government agents approached her residence they were confronted by 100 or more men and women from the inner cities from as far away as Jacksonville, Fl. Some called this group “Black Panthers”, but they professed allegiance to no group. The men were all armed with assault rifles and threatened to use force if necessary to turn back these government thugs.

Nevvy has a right to live her life as she sees fit and the federal government has no right to interfere with her was the rallying cry of her supporters.

Her full name is “Nevilc Ydnub” or something like that.

What do you think the government should do in this situation?

Here is a link for comparison…


2 thoughts on “Here is a story you may like, fact or fiction? :)

  1. Sadly for her, she’s broken the law, and she did in full knowledge. This case seems, on paper, not different than that lunatic grazier down in Nevada, running his cattle on Federal land. They have broken the law.


    • The cases while similar, do have a glowing difference. I am waiting for Hannity’s response to this scofflaw and the armed resistors. Probably will have to wait a long time but then time is something we all have.


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