The Challenge for Democrats Will Be Turnout

The upcoming midterm election affords us the ability to continue our efforts at regaining control of our government from the corporatists that currently are in control.

As a believer of separation of corporate and state, I feel this  must be done.

All the blogs, pages and web sites I peruse suggest the same, getting out the vote is imperative.

And I see little if any suggestions as to how to accomplish this goal. I myself have thoughts and ideas, some came from others some are my own.

In Michigan there is a group working on putting a raise in minimum wage on the ballot, this sounds like a good plan for getting out the vote and I support it.

A gentleman I met recently suggested we have young men go to barber shops with flyers stressing the importance of voting. Especially in minority neighborhoods, unfortunately this group has been known to stay home during midterms. I like this idea also, now how do we implement it? Any suggestions?

The average citizen today cares little about the upcoming election in spite of the barrage of political ads on the television. It is only the political junkies that are fired up and working feverishly at this time, but it is never too early to start planning and working on this project.

In the last presidential election the Obama team had one hell of a get out the vote team. Is there a way we can tap into that team/concept?

If you have any ideas or suggestions to help in this effort please share them here, this is indeed an important event.

Thanks for your help.


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