The World we live in


Generally speaking we all live in the same world.

The sun that peeks through the blinds in my room each morning is the same sun that nourishes the rain forests of the world, the same sun that heats the deserts of Saudi Arabia and the same sun that melts the polar ice caps.

The oxygen we take in from the air we breathe is the same oxygen worldwide, albeit some comes from different levels of polluted air.

And yet we all live in a narrower personal world. A world we have created to our own liking and standards.

We have sat our personal world into existence based on our values and beliefs.

In communicating with each other we must take this into context. A tea party Republican will never understand or accept the views of a left-wing radical and vice versa.

But, based on the fact that we do all live in the same world, we must find a way to open our minds and our hearts and communicate to each other.

We must learn to compromise and work together to achieve the goals we have in common.

Goals such as providing a good education to our children, providing adequate health care to our citizens at an affordable price, providing a decent job with living wages to our citizens. And last but not least, we must work together to combat climate change.

This is the only world we have, how about we all get together and work to make it a good world.


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