Stuff flying through my head this morning.

There is a petition drive going on in Michigan in an attempt to get a vote in the next election calling for a raise in the minimum wage.

Both sides of this debate have statistics proving their side to be right. However as Mark Twain is credited with. “There are three kinds of lies, there are lies, there are damned lies and there are statistics.”

Personally, I think that rising tide lifts all boats thing works best when the rise comes from a bottom up pressure rather than a top down move. It seems when the top gets the extra money it *disappears, while the lower-income folk put any extra money they have right back into the local economy thereby increasing economic activity and the additional positive results of this activity.

*Cayman Islands?

Based on this opinion, I have in my possession some petitions awaiting your signatures, if you haven’t signed one yet, y’all come and do so. Email me for directions.

This brings me to my next thought. “Clicktivism” This word was coined by a fellow named Micah White.

He looks down on the action of clicking on a link on the internet to show your support for a cause. In his words. “In promoting the illusion that surfing the web can change the world, clicktivism is to activism as McDonalds is to a slow-cooked meal.”

While I personally click on many links showing my support for numerous causes, I do realize this action is little more than a quick, feel good activity with little or no real nutritional value.

And of course clicking on these links brings the expected request for a monetary donation to “the cause.”

Micah White from Grand Blanc, Michigan has an interesting background if you want to read more about this young man here is a link.

In closing let me assure you, if you email me I will not link you to a request for a donation. 🙂


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