Weirder than usual today

Weirder than usual today

On occasion we all let our minds wander. Sometimes those wanderings bring up some weird thoughts.
Here is one I had when walking the dog yesterday, you may or may not get a kick out of it, so read on.
I was thinking. If this world is still around in 20-30 thousand years, what do you suppose archeologists are going to surmise when they dig up thousands of plastic grocery bags snuggly tied with doggy poop in them?
Of course the question of the world still being around in 20,000 years is enough to provide lively discussion.
Some say climate change will soon bring the end.
Others have suggested that population growth and the finiteness of natural resources will bring the end. Mankind is going to screw itself into extinction, so to speak.
One of my favorite bloggers, notestoponder, has blogged about this today.
Read her blog here….
As for me, I have begun to put one of those small fish emblems in the bag with the doggy poop. 😉
This should give future archeologists something to think about.
“Perhaps this was some sort of ancient religious ritual?”
Think about it.
And remember, if you don’t vote, you don’t count!

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