Memorial Day Weekend

Take some time from your fun in the sun to thank a veteran today. Send a note to your congressperson, senators and tell them to also support our veterans.

And last but not least if the weather turns bad or you just want to take a break, click on this link and watch an interesting documentary.



2 thoughts on “Memorial Day Weekend

  1. Here’s my thanks: I want you all to know that I recognize that old, cowardly men who avoided serving in the military are responsible for your desperation in finding no medical care or psychiatric care or jobs after you returned. I recognize the sense of futility you and your family must feel when you realize that the wars you fought were for corporate greed and had nothing to do with “defending your country.” I recognize how dehumanized you had to become in order to survive the slaughter of so many innocent people – especially the children. I want you to know that there are some Americans who recognize the scope of the real sacrifices you made and honor you all for them, not for the jingoism of the media or the cowardly politicians mouthing patriotic slogans.


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