POW Exchange outrages the right


At least it does now, a few months back they were for it. Must have something to do with the action taking place under a black president that irritates them what do you think?

IMHO we should send all the Gitmo detainees back, send to wherever. Well not just send em back with no conditions, we should probably do something like Saint Ronnie did and cut some sort of deal. Maybe we could trade them for a few gallons of oil each, or how about some of their WMDs?

The American prisoner has been declared to be a deserter by the main stream media. What little information I found on this, it appears to be true. And then I say “So what?” he should still be returned to American and given a chance to state his piece after which our military can do what is necessary in such cases.

And as for Bergdahl’s dad and his beard, he should shave it before Sara Palin mistakes him for one of those duck dudes and praises his ignorance.

Switching gears now, the black president continues to upset the Koch brothers. Issuing a call for cleaning up the atmosphere via clean energy use. I mean what the hell is important here? Children’s health or corporate profits? Sheeese!


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