Good guys versus Bad guys


Yesterday I posted a question on my Facebook page. I asked how we can tell the difference between a good guy with a gun and a bad guy with a gun.

This question was brought up after the shooting in Las Vegas that ended with five people dead.

The shooters were a young couple that had just recently been praised by talking heads on Fox News as being heroes. They were members of the armed militia that had joined in support of Cliven Bundy in his efforts at stopping the federal government from infringing on his God given rights to live as he saw fit. Plundering the earth for his own profit and disregarding rules and regulations set up to preserve the earth for future generations.

So this young couple took it upon themselves to kill two policemen and a civilian who thought he could stop them because he was a “good guy” with a gun. They concluded their day by killing themselves.

A fitting end some might say.

With the recent situation of folks entering eating establishments with their assault rifles hung on their backs, I wondered to myself. How do I know if these are good guys with guns or bad guys with guns?

Also, how long should one wait to determine what the answer is? I also suggested perhaps we should just assume they are bad guys and blow them away. You know, shoot first and ask questions later.

I am hoping for some help from the NRA in this concern. I know we cannot expect them to agree to background checks and so on but, how about just a few questions and then issuing a t-shirt with each gun purchased. One would say “GOOD GUY!” and of course the other would say “BAD GUY!”

Notice the word gun does not appear on either shirt, do not want to offend any gun nuts that may be reading this. Just because one is a good or bad guy does not mean they have to own a gun.

And the questions could also be non-discriminatory we could ask what do you propose to use this gun for? If they say they will use it for helping old ladies cross the street or for cultivating the garden or even for ridding their property of varmints, then they could get a good guy shirt. If on the other hand they say they are going to go out and kill people with the gun they would get the bad guy shirt.

If the idea of shirts offends you, I have another idea. Perhaps we could give the good guys guns with peacefully colored barrels say pink of fuchsia and the bad guys would get guns with either black or camouflage barrels.

Side note.

In Sunday’s blog I introduced you to Clem. Clem has some nasty personal traits/habits but it has not yet been determined if he is a good guy or a bad guy. See the problems here? And that is why I seek help from the NRA in solving this issue.

Have a great time today and carry on my friends, carry on.


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