This one is for all my hard working middle class taxpaying friends.


How many times have you expressed your anger with the taxes you have to pay and how those taxes are restricting your lifestyle?

More than you can count. At least that is the number I recall.

Well my friends here are a couple of charts from the U.S. Census bureau referring to 2012 household income data.

Take a few minutes to study the charts, you will see that incomes of less the $100,000 have remained stagnant for all these years if not dropped.

The joys of living in a Plutocracy are never ending for the top earning folks, not so nice for the rest of us.

And so my friends think about this come election time, think about it and support good people like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. There are others but these two are on top of the list. Do some checking and find candidates that support your needs and goals. And then go to the polls and vote.

Link to charts…..

Chickens are calling, gotta go.


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