Uh, bye bye Charlie?

Just read that long time New York Congressman Charlie Rangel is about to get spanked in the upcoming primary.

Rangel, was the subject of a congressional investigation not long ago but having enough seniority to know where all the bones are hidden he wrangled his way out. (Pun intended)

Now it appears he is being challenged for his support of Wall Street and the moguls that roam that environment. He supported the elimination of the Glass-Steagall act.

He also supported the watering down of the Dodd-Frank bill. Attempting to give the banksters free reign to taxpayer support for banks to gamble in the highly speculative derivatives market. (HR 992)

link to story….. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/06/12/charlie-rangel-primary-wall-street_n_5490369.html

Personally, I always enjoyed listening to Rangel when he visited different talk shows on the telly. He had what I would call a common sense approach to all problems and rather than go off on a rambling obfuscating statement he would just say something simple and easy to understand. I.e. “the people are hungry, get them some food.”

Now I find similarities to the recent upset of Eric Cantor in Virginia in Rangel’s impending loss. The similarity comes from the people. The people in both cases are voting against what they see as an evil controlling force that must be stopped if we the people are ever again going to have a say in our lives and our lifestyles.

Those in Virginia voted as a voice against big government while those is New York are voting as a voice against corporate control of government.

Both groups are experiencing frustration with their lives and feel out of control. They are voting in an attempt to regain control.

Those in Virginia are still under the false impression that government alone is the problem.

Those in New York have the wisdom to see through the BS put forth by the MSM and have recognized the real culprit. Wall Street and the corporate powers that own our government.

Here is hoping the wisdom of New York spreads outward to the world.


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