Back In Iraq


The Sunnis are at it again with the Shiites.

We should all take a minute today to thank Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Rice for bringing democracy to Iraq. Mission accomplished?

Senator McCain is again in his glory, another chance to send our Christians over there and straighten out those radical Muslims. Have not heard from Senator Graham yet but he always liked to put our young men and women in harm’s way, profits before people! The WAR industry donates nicely to the Republican’s and their contributions are appreciated.

Meanwhile in Brazil the world cup has started with a bit of turmoil. Questionable calls in Brazil’s first game put just a wee bit of a stain on the games, but the real concern would be the people demonstrating in protest.

The protesters are asking their government how they can justify spending billions on stadiums for the games while the infrastructure and the school systems are in disrepair.

Sort of reminds me of Michigan and how Snyder and the aristocrats in charge are giving huge tax breaks to corporations and their CEOs while local communities, local school systems and the infrastructure are all falling into bankruptcy and/or disrepair.

Snyder’s leadership was evident as he left the state for a week while this condition was festering. And of course his Republican legislative branch did what they do in times of crisis, they went on vacation.

From Iraq to Michigan in one short blog. Quite a leap but, mission accomplished. 😉

A couple of links regarding Iraq…


4 thoughts on “Back In Iraq

  1. Off topic on Iraq (don’t get me started – it’s for the best) but on to Michigan…

    Today on CBC radio I listened to the tail end of an interview about Detroit. I wish I had paid attention to the name of this man – he wrote a book called something like “Golfing in Detroit” Holy crap! The hair stood up on the back of my neck as he described the utter devastation and hopelessness.


    • The Republicans in this state have done an excellent job of divide and conquer. Recently a working man said to me. “I ain’t paying no more taxes, use the money they are sending to those Detroit pensioners to fix the roads.” I replied “those people have worked all their lives to earn their pensions. ” he said “so what?” I then went on to tell him it wasn’t the pensioners that were taking his money it was Snyder, DeVos and the millionaires that were getting tax breaks and putting the money in foreign accounts. I told him CEOs have received 600 percent increase in pay while he is lucky to have received less than ten percent if that. Hopefully I am getting to him but, I doubt it.


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