To Serve and to Protect!


Here is a question for all the good men and women serving as police officers throughout our nation of freedom loving souls.

A couple of years back a movement, Occupy Wall Street, began in New York City. This movement gained worldwide support having supporters as far away as the Antarctica.

The main stream media at first ignored this movement and then began to ridicule the players, suggesting they were nothing but a bunch of hippy type ne’er do wells looking for handouts. “Get a job” was the most frequently used response to these young protesters.

Local police responded with barricades, pepper spray and arrests sometimes requiring a show of strength including plastic handcuffs.

Finally a coordinated national offense was taken. Police, in full riot gear and using military type vehicles, put this group out of business for good.

Now, during this time, there was another movement taking place and growing in strength. This movement, referred to as the tea party, in contrast to the occupy movement had support from the mainstream media and acceptance from the general public, police included.

They would come to political rallies with their assault weapons strapped to their backs proudly displaying the Gadsden flag and its “Don’t tread on me” motto.

These people were neither ignored nor ridiculed by the main stream media. They may have even been glorified by some networks as being good citizens standing up for their rights.

Local police stood by silently watching these people brandishing their weapons of mass destruction, offering little or no resistance to their protests.

Now some years later the occupiers have gone underground operating within the limits of the law and working to defend people who are being prosecuted by the banks.

The tea partiers on the other hand, are becoming even bolder in their actions and demands.

Recently going to Nevada in support of the scofflaw Cliven Bundy.

And then going into a pizza place in Las Vegas and gunning down two of your own. Two police officers shot in the back and draped in a Gadsden flag with shouts of “revolution is here” in the background.

In Michigan a 63 year old white male was apprehended while walking the streets brandishing an assault rifle shouting “Revolution is here.”

So, I ask you officers, who is it you are serving and who is it you are protecting? You may want to ask yourselves the same question each and every day as you begin your daily rounds.


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