With the primaries in August and the mid-terms coming in November I try to steer clear of 2016 election predictions and talk. But this exchange piqued my interest.

I get a frequent email from a right winger complaining of something or other that President Obama did or did not do. Makes little difference what the incident was, if they can put a negative spin on it, they let it rip.

Today, I got one with a link showing 5 reasons that Hillary would not or could not run for president in 2016, titled “Good News for Americans.”

Normally I read these emails and just let them go but this one tickled my interest. I responded with this statement.

“Hillary is a corporatist and if she does not run for president that will indeed be good news for Americans.”

The sender then replied he was going to contact NSA as it appears someone has hacked my email.

“LOL.” Started my reply and I went on to say. “That is what happens when you let your preconceived opinions control your thoughts. I do not like Hillary, however, if she runs and wins the nomination for president under the Democratic Party, I will support her. The old lesser of two evils theory comes in play here. I cannot think of any candidate the Republicans could put up that would be less evil to us “common folk” than Hillary, so she would get my support.

After giving this some thought, I should have added this statement to my reply.

One thing I do like about Hillary, for some unknown reason the mere mention of her name seems to cause the hair on the back of the necks of tea party folk to stand up. (Those that have hair anyway.) Not sure if it is a natural misogynistic trait or something else, but they sure do get upset when Hillary is mentioned.

At times I think they may hate her even more than they hate Obama. But that may be wrong also, it may not be hatred, it may just be fear.

Think about it.


3 thoughts on “Hillary!

  1. I’m not even American but when Obama was elected the first time I cried like a baby – completely overwhelmed, elated, and knowing I witnessed a pivotal moment in history. Not simply the color of his skin – I believe Obama is one of the greatest minds to grace the White House. Watching his vision of America disintegrate in the face of hysterical right wing propaganda, organized ambushes of policy and ridiculous accusations – reaching a point where it became obvious America squandered one of its greatest minds out of fear (fueled in no small part by millions, likely billions of dollars in propagandist advertising by fat cat corporations and special interest groups unwilling to give up their free ride) Obama never stood a chance – despite being charismatic, intelligent, and precisely what America needed.

    Hillary isn’t likeable, doesn’t have presence or charisma. She may be intelligent yet lacks the spark to captivate or stir emotion. Hillary comes across as a politician – America doesn’t need another politician, it needs a white man able to elicit excitement for change just as Obama did. Who that might be is beyond me. All I know is America must elect a Democrat, and Hillary worries me. 🙂


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