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A lady from Vancouver BC in Canada blogs daily with various thoughts/ponders. Her daily blogs cover a wide range of topics varying from black widow spiders in the basement to outer space events. This lady has an extremely wise view of happenings worldwide and an uncanny ability to describe complex issues in a down to earth enjoyable to read format. I read her daily and recommend her as a good site for enlightenment on many issues of consequence to us all.

She recently blogged about the Enbridge Pipeline in Canada. Exhibiting the methods used by big oil to spin opinion in their favor among the populace.

I posted a reply thanking her for her efforts in educating the masses and urging her to carry on with those efforts. There was some brief interchange and she recently posted this reply to a comment I had made.

“My daughter and I had a long discussion about this yesterday. One of the things bothering me – I’ll call, “social media syndrome”. I’m as guilty of it as the next person. I worry over the process of connecting with like minded people via blogs, forums etc. taking the place of constructive action. We nod in agreement, pat each other on the back yet fail to suggest or implement a course of action. Once our position is validated (ignoring the fact we’re preaching to the choir), our indignation evaporates enough to lull us into a false sense of security. :)”

This statement from Notes put me back on my heels a bit.

Knowing full well that we do seek and support those that have similar opinions about various issues and knowing that support from those that agree with us does give us confidence does not deter me from continuing in my quest. I remain just as indignant as ever concerning the things going on in this world that upset me.

Preaching to the choir does serve a purpose or two.

First, it tells the choir that they are not alone, there are others out here that share your beliefs and goals.

Second, there is always a slight chance that a point made will be used by a choir member in discussion with a non-member giving the non-member a thought to ponder, perhaps opening their eyes ever so slightly.

This is not to say we should just continue blogging and avoid getting up off our asses and actively support candidates and groups that support our goals. But this is to say our blogging should continue to be part of our arsenal in our war against the powers that control our lives.

So Notes, Carry on, carry on!

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One thought on “Response from Notestoponder

  1. I feel terrible – first for firing off a comment that wasn’t explained very well, second for reading it again in the context of your post, and lastly for agreeing with every one of your points. I think you know me well enough by now to realize how much I care about every word I write. notestoponder is based on the premise of – something to think about, talk about, learn more about. I wouldn’t devote so much of myself if I didn’t believe it mattered.

    To better explain the comment – I’m old enough to remember anti war and civil rights protest of the 60s and 70s. I’ve witnessed the power of protest and understand real change is limited only by those willing to believe they can make a difference. This post might explain it….

    I know what you, I and millions of other writers do is important. I couldn’t stop if I wanted 🙂 Sometimes I just get discouraged watching travesty after travesty unfold – we talk about it, tear it apart, poke holes in the logic, call bullshit on tactics – by now too late to stop, we move on to the next outrage.

    Thank you for “pondering” my comment 🙂


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