Up to 300 “advisors” off to Iraq


Well the war mongers should be pleased, we have begun our descent into another fine mess in Iraq.

How long before we replay Viet Nam?

Why does the main stream media use the same dudes that got us into the mess during the Bush reign to give us insight into Iraq and the problems there?

Come on people now, are we going to buy this package again?

They use neat buzzwords like “we have to protect American interests”. Why don’t they just tell the truth? We are going in there to protect big oil.

Don’t know how you all feel, but personally I do not want to send any more of America’s children or grandchildren over there to protect big oil.

I do take consolation in knowing that President Obama is a much smarter man than the President we had in our last foray into Iraq. He did get Osama without sacrificing thousands of American troops and he has been picking off “terrorists” with the same efficiency. Hopefully he will stand firm against the wishes of War Mongers McCain and Graham.

Here is a link detailing some of the foolishness of the forays in Iraq.


Have a nice day and don’t forget to say something nice to someone today.


2 thoughts on “Up to 300 “advisors” off to Iraq

  1. And me too. Hopefully he has the gonads to stand up to the war mongers chomping at the bit.
    Watched a bit of the 60s on CNN last night. talked about Viet Nam and Johnson’s difficulties in dealing with that mess. According to the report he was between a rock and a hard place throughout his reign. The military telling him we were winning, we just need more troops. Watching Rubio on tv right now asking for more. Nothing specific just hoping for more. ??


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