What do we do with the children?


A tea party supporter put this meme on Facebook with the statement; “this is just wrong.”


My question in response; what do you suggest we do with these children?

These children are victims, they are being exploited for profit. In their home country they are being told to come to the United States and seek political asylum. They are then charged large sums of money to obtain assistance in getting into the United States.

And once in the United States they are again being exploited by tea party folk being used as a political tool.

This is a shame. It is beyond my comprehension as to how they are being convinced coming to the hostile environment in the United States would be better for them than staying where they are and struggling to survive there. But I have no personal experience as to the conditions in their home countries.

Going to the link we find suggestions such as: “put them up in your house obummer, send them back to where they came from” and so on.

I believe they will be sent back to their state of origin but in the interim they should be treated humanely.

Some of these children are as young as 3 or 4 years old. What part of your Christian training tells you to treat them as mere political pawns?

Again I hang my head in sorrow.


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