What the hell is going on here?


Yesterday was the 50th anniversary of the civil rights legislation which gave voting rights to many southern people who had been denied those rights for years.

In Washington D.C. elected representatives from both parties joined hands and sang “we shall overcome”. At the same time right-wing radio radicals were in a rage at the fact that the people of Mississippi had used that right to elect their choice to serve them in the U.S. senate.

Also in Washington a holy war is brewing within the Republican Party as the export-import bank’s formal authorization expires September 30. Hard liners in the Republican Party consider this agency to be corporate welfare and want it ended.

Personally I am against corporate welfare and agree with the idea but, Nancy Pelosi is pushing to keep this agency open and functioning. This agency provides low-cost loans to foreign business to purchase American made products. Boeing aircraft is one of the largest beneficiaries from this among U.S. corporations.

However, when one takes into account the fact that many countries have similar agencies one must wonder if keeping the agency open is only fair play in the world market.

For more detail on this go here….


Radical right wingers continue to blame Obama for the crisis created by the masses of children crossing the border. Overlooking the fact that this policy was put in place by George W. Bush and previous administrations.

And on the world front. U.S. war mongers are putting their support behind joining Syria and Iran in the holy war in Iraq.

Yes sir, McCain and Graham want WAR. It is very profitable, makes no difference whose side we are on as long as we can have a “good” profitable WAR, business is good.

So my friends, please help me understand the complexity of these issues. My head is about to explode. 😉 thank you.


2 thoughts on “What the hell is going on here?

  1. I’ll start by assuring you that yours is not the only exploding head. I have a theory that every time a liberal head explodes, a right wing mind shrinks. 🙂

    Civil rights are bad for business. So too are educated minorities, minimum wage fairness, and social safety nets. Educated African Americans would devastate America’s economy, ousting a “good ‘ol boy” hierarchy (I call it a hierarchy because fat cats at the top have skillfully used God and the Constitution to incite fear and hatred of anything daring to hint at equality – in effect, creating a massive army of hysterical shrunken heads as a buffer zone between wealth and reality). Poverty and division serve to maintain cash flow in “for profit” prisons, service industries, health care and insurance.

    Education, infrastructure, fair taxation, gun legislation – far too dangerous to address (bad for business), the woefully bloated, ineffective political structure ensures shrunken headed elite continue to make money.

    America’s problems eclipse all freedom but the freedom of those who profit from inequality. War, oil, resources, agriculture, crime – nothing but avenues to the banks of a handful shrunken headed puppeteers.

    Obama wasn’t even allowed out of the starting gate – too much money at stake. America’s only hope is to educate, organize and rally the exploding heads – people who understand it isn’t about God or the precious Constitution – it’s about calling bullshit on shrunken headed shenanigans. 🙂

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