A good day!

Yesterday lovely wife and I joined up with her older brother and his wife. Picked up her 90 something year old aunt and went to meet a cousin that we haven’t seen in years.

When the seed of this meeting was first planted a few weeks back at another family gathering I thought it was going to be a ladies only gathering. Wife’s brother convinced me that men were indeed welcome at the party. So of course I went along for the ride.

Does anybody want to guess where a group of senior citizens from different parts of the state would decide to meet?

If you said a casino, you were correct. 🙂

We took secondary roads north to the casino in Standish, Mi. and riding shotgun gave me an opportunity to take in the sites as we travelled north. This is a bonus for me and I liked it. Anybody want to drive next trip? Go for it.

Spent more time in casino than I had expected but it worked out ok for me, I play blackjack and came home with some extra money.

I had thoughts of playing for a couple of hours and then having lunch and then heading home. This worked to the point of having lunch, the heading home part was delayed. 🙂

We did stop at the Turkey Roost for a nice dinner on the way home. Only problem with this stop was they were out of cherry pie and it looked ummm so good. I settled for lemon pie which was tasty but not the cherry pie I had envisioned throughout my meal.

We then stopped in Pinconning for some cheese, good stuff there also.

After dropping off Aunt G. we came home, collected the chicken eggs giving some to the brother and his wife.

Later we settled in to watch the Tigers break their 7 game winning streak to a walk off homerun bottom of the 11th.

Other than that it was a good day, hope you all had one too.


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