Free HBO Weekend

Stumbled on the fact that Dish was offering free HBO last weekend Friday night when while watching Tiger baseball my DVR started recording “Real time with Bill Maher.”

This gave me the chance to watch a couple of movies and of course Bill Maher.

Of the movies viewed, “The Campaign” with Will Ferrell was most interesting to me.

While the movie as a whole was sophomoric at best. Excessive foul language and sexual innuendo, the message was interesting and may be eye opening to some. Story line was about two brothers trying to buy a federal representative in N. Carolina.

The brothers (Moch brothers) were looking at using this control to increase their already obscene profits.

Movie takes an interesting, albeit unrealistic, turn at the end.

Is this an example of art imitating reality? Check it out and let me know what you think.

Also got a chance to watch about 15 minutes of John Oliver’s new show, “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.” The segment I saw had Oliver lambasting Dr. Oz for pushing “magic” dietary supplements. Also went into some detail on how this industry and their lobbyists are getting away with doing nasty things in their pursuit of massive profits.

Again the message was good but, I thought the delivery was lacking compared to what I have seen from Oliver on the Daily Show.

One other thing I took away from watching a few movies this weekend is: it appears movie producers feel violence and profanity and sex are the things that sell tickets. Every movie I watched seemed to be overloaded with these three themes. Makes no difference if they add to the story line or not, they have to be part of the movie.


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