The Supreme Court of the United States of America


Issued two decisions yesterday that will have a devastating effect on working people of America.

The one that is getting all the attention is the Hobby Lobby case.

In this case the court gives our bosses a right to decide on the health care they will provide us based on their religious beliefs.

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion,”

Well it appears this activist conservative court feels they are above adhering to the 1st amendment.

While this ruling does not actually establish a religion it does give religion power over government and in this case a specific religion.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg wrote a dissenting opinion detailing the “can of worms” this ruling has opened. Beware my friends this may lead to religious warfare right here in the United States.

Getting much less exposure is the ruling on the Harris v. Quinn case. In this ruling the court has, in effect, made the United States a right to work (for less) country.

More bad news for the workers in America.

This case was also approved in a 5-4 decision with the activist conservatives maintaining control.

And what are the responses from the left? Not sure what you are seeing, but my inbox is overloaded with emails asking for donations.

Money makes the world go round.

What a shame.


2 thoughts on “The Supreme Court of the United States of America

  1. I just spent a large part of the morning unsubscribing to emails requesting donations. Our government used to function without citizens constantly having to throw money at their representatives and organizations. There is no way we can compete with corporate money, so if money is the answer the 1% have already won.


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