Old enough to remember John F. Kennedy?

If you are, you may recall one of the concerns at that time was the fear that the Catholic Church would be running our country.
JFK gave a speech which alleviated those fears. At least enough to help him win the election. (There are still some that suspect he stole the election with help from the Chicago mobsters, but that is another story).
Well, guess what my friends? The Catholic Church did an end run. They got 5 of theirs appointed to the Supreme Court. Consequently they are indeed running our country with their activist judges.
Not sure how this fact hits the Evangelicals who have despised the Catholics for years but it should make for interesting closed-door discussions.
So far so good, but what happens when those activists tell us we can’t eat meat on Fridays? 😉
Is America heading towards a Catholic vs. Protestant war like they had in Ireland for years on end?
Or even worse, a war like that going on in the mid-east of Sunni vs. Shiite?
The possibilities are endless with this theocratic government we are creating.
Don’t you think?
Oh, and happy 4th of July to all!


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