Home healthcare workers in Illinois

Prior to joining a union these workers were paid minimum wage. Since they became unionized their pay has almost doubled and they now get healthcare.
Do not know how you all feel about this but personally I would be happy to pay a small amount of my pay to increase it by a factor of two and get healthcare as a bonus.
The activist, radicals in the U.S. Supreme Court have just ruled that workers in the industry do not have to pay union dues or the agency fee as defined in a 1977 Supreme Court case. (Abood vs. Detroit Board of Education)
With all the hoopla regarding the Hobby Lobby case, this ruling almost slid under the radar.
Keeping in mind that this case was brought before the Supreme Court by a national right to work group, we must look at the big picture and consider the ramifications of decreased funding for unions nationwide.
Lower worker pay and benefits will increase corporate profits and decrease public sector expenses but at what cost?
History has shown us the cost will be a lower living standard for workers and consequently a stagnant economy for the rest of the country.
So my friends, we must all join together and support our fellow workers in their attempt at stemming the greed of the plutocrats.
Support our unions and our union workers.


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