Israel and Gaza

Continue to fire rockets at each other, resulting in death and destruction on both sides of the border.
Reports indicate Israel has the advantage in this one, both technology wise and weapons wise. Gaza is showing the ability to reach further into Israel with their rockets but do not have the precise aiming/targeting ability as Israel. So those killed on the Israel side will be more random than those killed on the Gaza side.
It appears to make no difference, as long as someone is killed.
Meanwhile in America the battles continue with such actions as protesting children entering our country seeking shelter from the atrocities of their homeland.
A right-wing radio talk show host is reputed to be responsible for organizing this demonstration. He has denied this but who knows?
Another example of American revolt comes to us from a process known as rolling coal.
“So-called “coal rollers” install smoke stacks and special equipment in their diesel trucks that makes the engine think that it needs more fuel, resulting in plumes of black smoke.”
Video here.

These people scare me. They are being led into doing things one would never expect to come from God-fearing decent Americans.
Carry on my friends, carry on.


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