Fear and Greed

Went to the local Democratic Party meeting last night. It was a good meeting, well attended and plenty of insightful comments from the candidates in attendance.
One topic brought up was the recent demonstration in Vassar, Mi. pertaining to housing some of the immigrants from Central America. One member said a person attending the meeting suggested it was a room full of hate.
For those reading this that have never heard of Vassar, Mi. I will tell you it is a small farming community in Tuscola County just east of Saginaw, Mi. and like most small rural areas in Michigan tends to lean Republican.
But, back to the meeting and the room full of hate.
Personally I expected this type of response from the area and was not in the least bit surprised when newscasts displayed the actions of those in attendance.
What brought out my anger and or concern about the action is the fact that there were a reported 100 or so demonstrators shouting their hateful comments while waving their Gadsden flags.
These people come out and they raise hell, those who support humanitarian help for these suffering children tend to stay home and watch the reports on the late news.
After thinking this through for a bit I decided these people are being motivated by listening to 40 years of hate radio. And one of the primary motivational techniques used by the likes of Limbaugh, Beck, Coulter and others is fear. “They are going to take our jobs.” And so on.
Most recently I heard one mention the fear that these children have exotic diseases and will be poisoning our people, not unlike our forefathers did to Native Americans in the not too distant past.
IMHO the greed portion of this formula comes primarily from the moneyed class that is behind the hatred. How much money does one really need to satisfy their greed?
Anyway, the chickens need tending, so have another good day my friends and carry on, carry on.


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