The life we have is the life we created.

Knowing and accepting this simple statement opens an abundance of doors/opportunities for us.
Being the creators of our lives gives us the power to change and enhance our lives.
First step in this effort should be to exclude outside forces, do not let them define us.
As long as we wake up in the morning, we have a chance to enhance ourselves as the person we want to be.
Of course if we don’t wake up, then game over, we have done what we could in this life.  🙂
Going through each day doing no harm to others and even working on bringing a smile to another’s face is an excellent way to enhance our personal lives.
Happy faces   🙂   are indeed contagious.
We can also make an attempt to learn something new every day. This can be accomplished using many methods.
We can start a conversation with a stranger and then listen. The wisdom and insights of others will open our eyes to sights we never thought existed.
We can stop by the local library and pick up a book by an author we have not read before, again a chance to see the world through others eyes.
We can visit the local zoo or playground and just watch the people and their actions, observation of people in their leisure activities can also be enlightening and a learning experience.
This brief note has just listed a couple of things we can all do to enhance our lives, feel free to share your ideas for doing the same, either here or drop me an email.
Now, I have to get rolling, have another good day everyone.


2 thoughts on “The life we have is the life we created.

  1. Kudos for a wonderful post – one that politely lays out the freakin’ obvious (though apparently obvious eludes a vast number of people). I’ve often pondered why it is that so many people rely on others for happiness. It isn’t rocket science! Thanks for the re-blog on Yes Men 🙂


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