Police under fire in Flint, Michigan?

Two recent events in this city have created a mess in an already stressed area of this state.
First incident occurred when a state trooper in hot pursuit of a person driving at extreme speeds through the streets of the community crashed into a vehicle resulting in the death of a 64-year-old woman.
It wasn’t 24 hours later when a headline seeking attorney declared a $50 million dollar lawsuit against the police and the state. Possibly adding to the anger and suspicions of the citizens of this community.
Next we have a township officer shooting and killing a young man involved in a routine traffic stop.
First reports had witnesses saying the young man was running away and was gunned down by the officer. Later reports suggest the young man was in a car and trying to run down the officer.
In an attempt to still the boiling waters, the police held a meeting with community leaders and religious leaders. The effectiveness of this meeting has yet to be determined.
My thoughts….
In the first incident the police have been trained to make a split second decision as to whether or not to continue pursuing a fleeing suspect in consideration of the conditions. It appears to me this officer made the wrong decision. But a $50 million dollar lawsuit is outlandish. I have no idea what a life should be valued at, I will leave that to the accountants and lawyers to decide, but I do feel the family should be compensated for their loss.
The second incident; and I know only what I see on the local news. And personally do not fully trust what I see on the news from any broadcast station or network. They are all controlled by corporate powers.
Local news is now telling us the officer was under attack via an attempt to run him down with a car. If that proves to be correct, the officer was well within his rights to take the action he took and should be exonerated.
Speaking of looking at news broadcasts with a bit of skepticism I have to say I am also somewhat skeptical of law enforcement in certain aspects. This comes from my knowledge of how law enforcement handled the Occupy Movement versus how they handled the Cliven Bundy incident.
Think about it.


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