Imaginary Fears!

This thought comes from an incident I experienced last week at the lake.
Asking the group if they wanted to take a cruise around the lake on the pontoon boat brought this response. “How much gas do you have?” I replied “1/2 a tank.”
One member said “What if the gage does not work?”
I said: “What if someone pulls the plug on the lake and it dries up? What if we get a torrential downpour and we have to all get on Noah’s ark?”
I mean come on people, there are enough real problems/fearsome things in this world we live in without making things up.
A pro-gun person of my acquaintance said to me. “What are you going to do if someone breaks into your house, throw a book at him?”
Another imaginary fear. This one most likely created by the NRA in their quest for more profit for the gun industry.
Ask yourself how many times have you or your family and friends been victims of a break in?
Now, those on the right are fueling the fears of the unknowing with suggestions that the children crossing the border seeking safety are anything from infected Trojan horses to terrorists in the making and they are going to take all the good jobs.
Everybody, step back, turn off the tv and think about it. Get real, the aristocrats are feeding your fears on a daily basis to manipulate you into supporting their goals of greed and a never ending accumulation of wealth.
They have done a good job, it is up to us to ignore their propaganda and live our lives as the free fun loving people we used to be.


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