Here is a thought

If we (the U.S.) were to spend say fifty percent of the moneys we spend on the WAR machine on renewable energy sources, we could most likely be able to stop sending our young men and women overseas to protect British Petroleum’s investments. (British Petroleum’s investments are called American interests by the main stream media.)
As a bonus we would create a better environment for the world resulting in survival of elephants, rhinos and polar bears.
These animals are close to becoming extinct per this study:
“Stanford biologist warns of early stages of Earth’s 6th mass extinction event”
Link to full article. ….

When the topic of environment comes up, the typical right wing politician’s reply is: “I am not a scientist so I cannot debate climate change.” What about just using your brain? Use that brain to talk and listen to scientists that can and do know about climate change?
Considering the “not a scientist” refrain, makes one wonder how the same politicians debate and pass laws regarding women’s health care without being a medical doctor.
Wandered a bit here but the spirit moved me.  🙂
In conclusion we must all work to get people elected to public offices that will work on the correct problems facing the world today, WAR and/or violence is not the answer to all problems.


One thought on “Here is a thought

  1. “I am not a scientist so I cannot debate climate change” is an evasion for a lack of support for their position and you are right to call them out on their other positions. The news media used to do this all of the time but alas the corporations have bought (off) the news media.


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