Michigan’s 4th District

Or, as Stephen Colbert would say, “the fighting fourth”.
After 23 years of doing nothing for the workers in Michigan’s 4th district, Dave Camp (R) Dow Chemical, has retired. Throughout his career Camp has adhered to the Republican plan of doing nothing while the corporate lobbyists took care of the actual duties of writing bills and pushing for their acceptance by the Senate and the President.
Currently the do nothing party has three candidates vying for this luxurious job. Their names escape me but they consist of a term limited state senator, a millionaire transplant from another district and some guy from the outer reaches of the district.
With the primary just a week away the battle is growing fierce and the dollars spent on advertising could, if used properly, possibly keep another Michigan City from going bankrupt.
Both of the wealthy candidates in this contest are accusing the other of being tax raising “liars”. The third candidate has yet to be heard from.

Latest polls show the rich guy from St. Clair, Mi. in the lead.

Meanwhile the only candidate in the Democratic party, Dr. Jeff Holmes from Alma, Michigan is struggling to be heard in this gerrymandered district. Dr. Holmes is actually the only candidate in this race that would work for the people of the district but, like I said the district is gerrymandered to favor any Republican candidate.
Here is a link to Dr. Holmes bio….
If you are interested in having a representative that will truly represent you, go to this link and offer any help you can. This is needed for the general election in November.
Personally I have been gerrymandered out of the 4th district and have sent my thanks to the Republicans in Lansing for finally providing me with a representative that can hear me. (Representative Dan Kildee (D) Michigan)
A link to his site for any interested folks here…. http://dankildee.house.gov/


2 thoughts on “Michigan’s 4th District

  1. I’m having a fundraiser for Dr. Jeff Holmes, candidate for the 4th Congressional District on July 31 at 7 p.m., If you would like to attend, please email me and I will give you directions. This is a private event, so leave your spy glasses at home! LOL! Thanks, Mary Barker, mbarker25@chartermi.net


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