Braveheart, The Movie

Happened to catch this one last night. Had never seen it prior to last night. Personally I enjoyed the movie, mostly for the story line more so than the actual movie. If that makes sense.
From Wikipedia. “The movie has been described as one of the most historically inaccurate modern films.[2]”
Inaccuracies aside, I enjoyed the story line of a commoner going up against the King of England, seeking help from Scottish noblemen who were for the most part loyal to the King. The nobles were being bought off by the King.
If you haven’t seen the movie, set aside some time and watch it. Or you could just go to Wikipedia and read the plot and so on. Link at bottom.
In relating this movie to current times I find either Bernie Sanders or perhaps Elizabeth Warren to be our William Wallace. True fighters for common folk like you and me.
I find the Koch brothers to be King Edward 1 of England. One that buys allegiance and support.
And I find most politicians, especially Republicans to be the noblemen of Scotland. Democrats also can be bought off, but some do show more allegiance to the working people then to big bucks.
I am hopeful that Hillary will fill the role of Robert the Bruce, son of nobleman Robert the elder.
Robert the Bruce struggled with his allegiance to his father and consequently the King of England, and his allegiance to his country. Eventually his allegiance to his country won out.
Hillary knows full well she needs the financial support of Wall Street to compete in a Presidential campaign. Hopefully she does not forget the people who will be voting for her.
Link to Wikipedia page….


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