Spaghetti Sauce, Sweet Enough For You?

Some folks put sugar on sliced tomatoes, some put sugar on bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches. Well if that is the way they like them, then good for them. However I prefer my tomatoes unsweetened. While I do like sweets of any sort, tomatoes are to be salted if any flavoring is needed at all.
It is my opinion that the producers of commercial spaghetti sauce have, over time, added more and more sugar to their sauces.
If memory serves me right, Prego has always been sweeter than other brands and I have avoided using it.
Ragu seemed to be more to my liking. But now it too seems to have been sweetened up a bit beyond my acceptance level.
As a child I ate Chef Boyardee spaghetti sauce. Came in a small can and mom always added some water to stretch the sauce, I liked it.
I posted on both Prego and Ragu’s Facebook pages asking for confirmation of my suspicions.
Received a response from Prego, asking for UPC code so they could answer my question as to the formulation of their sauce. Huh? They have either sweetened their product with more sugar or they have not, easy question.
Ragu has failed to respond to my question.
Take a look at the ingredients in your commercial spaghetti sauce, third item listed is sugar. Or in some cases you may find High fructose corn syrup.
And believe it or not, I have even spotted some tomato juices with sugar listed as an ingredient.
Is this a plot by some force to create a citizenry addicted to sugar? Think about it. 😉
And have a great day again.


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