Signs, signs everywhere a sign

A song from the sixties expressing the artists dislike of signs.
The restrictions are the real concern of the artist, not the signs, the signs are just used to visualize the message.
Taking this a step further we could/should be concerned about all rules and restrictions that prevent us from living our lives as “free” souls of this universe. But we also must accept the fact that, if we expect to live in an organized society rather than one of complete chaos, we must have some rules and regulations. (Signs)
Rules and regulations are a must for any and all organizations to maintain a civil decorum and avoid chaos.
As members of society we should all live by the rules and regulations set forth by the society. If we do not agree with them, it is our responsibility to get them changed.
I recently read about some right wing groups that are now enthusiastically supporting the laws they believe in and ignoring those they don’t believe in. (2nd amendment vs. BLM)
Anyway friends, click on the YouTube link for the video of the song. The signs displayed will bring a chuckle. And continue enjoying every day of your life.


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