Has Hillary Jumped The Shark?

General opinion is that Hillary Clinton is the Democratic presidential candidate for 2016. I have heard this from both sides of the political spectrum. Further speculation suggests she is a sure thing to win the election and become America’s first female president.
However in the recent past she has been known to be extolling the virtues of Wall Street mavens. From a strictly political view this makes sense to me, unfortunately it still takes gobs of money to win in America. But it still causes concern for me and many others on the left.
Now she puts out a story criticizing President Obama and his international actions.
This action has really upset those on the left. There is much talk of staying home come 2016 among the most feverish of the left. There are cries for a “real” Democrat to step forward and challenge Hillary for the coveted nomination. It is still early, and while we have heard some murmurs of a possible challenge from Senator Bernie Sanders, no one has yet thrown their hat in the ring.
I am going against my own personal beliefs in publishing this. I think our efforts should be focused on the upcoming mid-terms, but on the other hand, it is never too early to shake the bushes and wake up the sleeping masses.
So while we should all be putting our efforts in to *getting out the vote in November, we can also begin thinking about the future election.
*if we vote, we win.
RIP Robin Williams


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