Amerca is nearing its breaking point

Reblogging this without the youtube video


Another day another case of police brutality, another young person dies as the result of gunshot wounds.

Yes my friends not a day goes by without something along those lines making the headlines.

The vast majority of police brutality tends to fall upon minorities. The gun deaths appear to have no ethnic priority.

Racism and racist hate groups have reached a level not seen in 50 60 years. Not since the days of Mississippi Burning have we witnessed such violence and hatred in this the “land of the free.”

The oppressed masses in this country have been fed a steady diet of fear and hatred.

This fear and hatred leads to more and more guns and more and more distrust of anyone or everyone.

Many in this country think the only way to solve a problem is to kill it.

What a mess we have gotten ourselves into now.


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