Ferguson, Mo Versus Clark County, NV

Does anyone else see the irony of the government’s reactions?

I am referring to the reactions in Ferguson Mo. Versus the reactions in Clark County, NV.

In Ferguson a young black man is alleged to have taken a small pack of cigarillos from a convenience store. This action led to his death from the gunfire of a government enforcement officer. The officer appears to have acted as judge, jury and executioner in one swift blow. This also led to demonstrations on the streets of Ferguson and a show of force by the militarized police force including aiming assault weapons at unarmed citizens of the community.

In Clark County a senior white rancher disobeyed federal law and grazed his cattle on federal land without paying the fees required. This action resulted in a call to arms by the rancher and his associates. The call brought many to his side, armed with assault weapons that were aimed at government forces.

The government backed down in this case. No military type police force here, no challenge to the protestors. Just pick up and go home.

Help me understand this….. please.


2 thoughts on “Ferguson, Mo Versus Clark County, NV

  1. It’s simple: we live in a deeply racist country. We need to address racism head on rather than ignoring or dismissing it.


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