Ferguson, Missouri

What the hell is going on in this country? Just saw a news clip on CNN about another young black man being shot and killed in St. Louis, Mo. Different circumstances but similar. Dead guy in St. Louis stole some muffins from a store and was wielding a knife and challenged police to shoot him. They complied with his wishes.

I recall years ago when the patriot act was first approved, many on the right would reply to complaints from the left with “If you are doing nothing wrong, you should have no fear of being watched.”

Now we are reading of constant reports of police in Ferguson threatening reporters with violence. If they are doing nothing wrong, why do they fear being watched/recorded?

Link to a list of Reporters arrested so far… http://www.dailykos.com/story/2014/08/19/1322938/-Ferguson-police-continue-arresting-and-attacking-media?detail=email
Yesterday I posted this on my Facebook page. “The shit is hitting the fan in the United States of America.”

A right wing person responded and eventually suggested I watch a movie. A movie that was written and directed by someone that either is or has served time in prison for campaign violations. A person that is closely linked to the Heritage Foundation and other right wing think tanks.

I explained this to the right wing person and suggested they watch Rich Hill and The Hunger Games a more accurate depiction of what is really going on in America today.

I have not heard back from the right wing person yet.

Today I suggested there be more peaceful demonstrations for the oppressed masses in Ferguson, Mo. I went on to say there will be some and soon.

Hang on my friends, the birth of something new can at times be painful.


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