Boycott all those bums.

Join me, I am going to boycott the world.
Friends I have a problem here. Every time some corporation pulls another bonehead move we are asked to boycott. Problem is, most of the places I am supposed to boycott I do not shop at anyway.
I do not like those overpriced chicken sandwiches, I do not like any of the Chinese junk sold in that store run by the religious fanatics. I did however call the pizza joint one time and told them I was just calling to NOT order a pizza because I don’t like the CEOs policies.
Now I hear Burger Doodle is merging with the donut shop from Canada to avoid U.S. corporate taxes. I do not like burger doodles burgers so cannot boycott them.
So, my brother suggested I just say I am boycotting all those places.
If you include all the products from those dudes trying to buy our government, you pretty much have to boycott the world.
So my friends join me in boycotting the world. I think this will work if we all do it together. 😉
Thanks for the help.


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