Labor Day Weekend

Ah, the last summer fling, one more trip to the cabin, one more trip to the lake, one more long weekend to finish your summer chores.

Or one additional long weekend to do anything you want.

Whatever you do, be careful and have some fun. And don’t forget to take the time to thank a UNION member for providing you with this weekend.

Thank them for the forty hour work week also and paid vacation and paid sick leave and healthcare benefits.

Don’t have those benefits? Join a union and work to get them.

Do take a few minutes to thank a union member for all the sacrifices they have made through the years to make working conditions and life in general better for working people around the world.

And now that you are in a thanking mode take a few minutes to thank someone or something that you still have some Democrats in the government. Democrats are of course the ones that are working feverishly to protect your social security and your Medicare.

In a discussion today it was mentioned how the local teachers have taken a 9 percent cut in pay. A right winger in the group said “And what is your union doing?” The response was “My union is working with management to keep the schools open in defiance of the Republicans in Lansing doing everything they can to bankrupt the local school systems.

Next week the historical campaign season begins. I will be at Democratic headquarters in the mornings, Monday thru Friday, stop by and have a coffee and some general chit chat.

If you are flying in from a foreign country to visit me, give me a call when you get to the airport. I will give you directions to the office. 😉

Have a good and safe weekend.


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