Recently had a discussion with a lady from Florida

She comes up to Michigan to get a brief respite from the unbearable heat in Florida.
Knowing this lady has strong religious beliefs and convictions, I suggested to her she may want to include Democratic politicians in her prayers. They are the ones that are fighting to protect her Social Security and Medicare. She refused to take the bait and the conversation went in other directions.
Later I suggested she may want to stop by Democratic headquarters next week where I could provide her with some brochures and additional information to help her understand what is going on in this world we all live in.
She gave me one of those looks that can kill looks, and said. “You will learn the truth.”
At first I did not understand this comment, but after giving it more thought I decided she was suggesting i was going to hell. At least that is the best I could come up with, she offered no further explanation.
So now I am thinking. Most all of the many religions in the world profess to be the only one, the only true path to Heaven. And, seeing as how one cannot be a true believer/follower of all religions, it appears to me, we may all be going to hell.
Well, at least we will have plenty of good company.
See ya all on the flip side. But in the mean time I have much to do here.


2 thoughts on “Recently had a discussion with a lady from Florida

  1. I gave up on Fox followers long ago. They are just one notch up from the flat earth society. I wish someone would do a study of the techniques Fox uses to get such devoted followers. It would make a good dissertation thesis.


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