Churches to Theatres?

Well that is a thought from Rick Santorum. Link below…
Personally I have what I think may be a better idea.
How about we turn churches into PayDay loan companies? I am serious and am sending this challenge out to any and all church members. Talk to your pastor, your church council or whoever makes these type decisions.
These speedy cash operations are vultures, they prey on the poor and the less economically wise citizens of our communities.
How about the churches offer the same at a minimum interest rate with conditions including economic counseling and training.
One step at a time we can win back our country from the greedy ones in control.
Think about it and get back with me.

Link to churches to movie theatres….


2 thoughts on “Churches to Theatres?

  1. Great idea, Larry, but churches (regretfully) aren’t here to “help” people. Our local Catholic parish church here has a superb opportunity to really be a rallying point for our little community, but does the priest do anything for the inordinate number of animals dumped here? Nope. Does he do anything for the desperately poor who occasionally filter through? Nope. He doesn’t even allow the local recyclers to use the churches toilets!


    • Yes John, and ain’t that a shame. That’s why i posted this blog. The Pope appears to making the right sounds, just have to get it filtered down to the local priests and so on. I figured once we wiped out the payday loan sharks we can go after the bigger scoundrels. Bank of America, Chase, Citigroup and so on.


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