Isis murders another reporter

The news is going bonkers over the murder of another captured reporter by Isis. This is indeed a nasty, revolting event.
But I am wondering, and I have asked this before, is this killing any more tragic than the killing of unarmed teenagers that is going on in America today?
I also remember back to Desert Storm one our first attempts at controlling Saddam Hussein. I remember an event that took place and was discussed in a news conference with General Norman Schwarzkopf, Jr.
It seems the Iraqi army had built trenches in the desert to hold back the invading American forces. The Americans simply bulldozed the trenches burying the unsuspecting troops and sweeping into Baghdad unfettered.
In a press conference General Schwarzkopf was asked if this action (burying them alive) was not inhumane. He responded saying *Well I guess we could have shot them all first.
*not sure if that is an exact quote but that is the best that I can remember it.
Point being, there is indeed a war going on. IMHO it is a holy war, Sunnis versus Shiites. And the atrocities of war are not perpetuated by only one side. “All is fair in love and war.”
Throw in the fact that the war is taking place in a geographic area rich in oil and you have roused the interest of big oil and those reaping the profits of oil production.
These interests have been defined as American interests by many politicians and talking heads on the telly. Perhaps it is, I am not quite convinced but I am one person.
The Isis murders have been broadcast via YouTube around the world. Some say it is merely a recruiting tool for Isis, others suggest it is being used to goad the U.S. into getting more involved.
Unless Isis has a deal with the war manufactures I really doubt they want more U.S. involvement.
War mongers Senator McCain and Senator Graham both want U.S. involvement. (Big profits for someone?)
In 2013 there was serious discussion in the White House considering arming ISIS to fight Assad. Today the public is being goaded into joining Assad in his battle with ISIS?
Another conundrum in this mix, is the unpublished information that our friend? Saudi Arabia is funding ISIS.
Think about it, think about what is going on in the world and think about what could resolve these problems; other than just killing everybody.
Get back to me with your thoughts and opinions. Thank you.


4 thoughts on “Isis murders another reporter

  1. Wow! You ask a lot of very big questions. I always look for the common denominator (old school arithmetic classes coming to my rescue). As I see it, we can’t erase the past, but we can put all our energies into bringing down the judicial an political whores in the Supreme Court and Congress who are for sale to the highest bidder. Then we can regain a media which is truly investigative and reports the truth so that the public knows what is really going on as they did during Watergate. We must work to repeal the Supreme Court decision on corporate personhood or amend the Constitution and work to impose limits on campaign spending. Until we deal with the underlying problems, nothing will change. Also, I would add Hillary Clinton to the warmonger list and possible Elizabeth Warren based on her recent vocal support of Israel.

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    • Good one Lesley, i am with you on Hillary. It is just that i see McCain and Graham on tv promoting war almost weekly, Hillary not so much. Sadly i just heard about Elizabeth Warren and her support of Israel. Money is still the biggest talker in our society. your suggestions are on point and worthy goals for all. thanks for sharing them here.


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