Undeniable Proof of the Middle Eastern Christian God, Coming Soon!

Having no knowledge of this person (William Herbert Keller) I am reblogging this for input from anyone who knows him and wants to join me in supporting his efforts.

BKeller-liveprayerChristians have been waiting for this moment for a painfully long, long time. It is the stuff of theistic dreams, the one thing above all other things longed for most by priest, preacher, apologist and layman alike, and now that it’s almost here, I can predict with enormous certainty that when the world learns of this stunning event every human being from now until eternity will proudly and enthusiastically call themselves, (Creationist) Christians. It sounds deliciously wondrous because it is, and it’s summed up in eleven stunning words: the end of faith, and the start of evidence-based belief. This news is so monumental, so massively earth-shattering it demands repeating: THE END OF FAITH, AND THE START OF EVIDENCE-BASED BELIEF, because coming soon, as early as next week in fact, irrefutable physical proof for the existence of the Middle Eastern god Christians worship will be delivered by the online miracle…

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