Open letter to Senator McCain and other WAR mongers

CC. President Obama
One question haunts me regarding the current WAR in the mid-east.
Who is going to pay for this? Or, how are we going to pay for this?
We cannot afford to put it on our MasterCard© like we did the last ones.
We cannot tax the poor, welfare cheese only goes so far.
Please don’t tell me we are going to eliminate Social Security and/or Medicare. As a fixed income senior I rely on these paid for benefits.
How about we tax the rich? That is, after all, where the money is in our current economy.
So come Senator, man up and contact your cohorts in the U.S. House and tell them to get to work on a bill to tax the rich to pay for this war.
Failing to do so will just show the public that Republicans have no fiscal responsibility or even worse they are soft on terrorism.
Please let me know the course of action you are taking ASAP, thank you.


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