Bernie Sanders on Meet the Press

Just watched the segment and personally I thought Senator Sanders did a good job.
Chuck Todd tried to get him into talk about Hillary and the Democratic Party. Tried to get him to criticize both Hillary and President Obama.
Senator Sanders handled himself well, refused to fall for Todd’s goading. Stayed focused and talked about the millions of workers struggling to maintain a lifestyle while the Wall Street millionaires are the only ones enjoying the improved economy in America.
This man has a message that should play well with all working people in this country including the millennials that at one time supported Obama only to be let down.
Todd next went to the panel and bemoaned what he called the lack of fight in Sanders demeanor. He tried to get a fight going and was not successful in his efforts. The senator is too wise for Todd and his manipulative manners.
Later Todd shared President Obama’s 40 percent approval rating. Suggesting this is a bad sign for Democrats with the upcoming mid-terms.
I beg to differ Mr. Todd, the poor rating comes from the issues mentioned by Senator Sanders, and Democrats are poised to take this country back and will do so under the leadership of people like Senator Sanders.
If we vote, we WIN!


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