“You Are a Coward”

“You shot two defenseless men. And ran into the darkness.”
This is not an exact quote but as close as I can remember the Pennsylvania commander saying to the person(s) that shot and killed a state trooper last week.
Let me begin by declaring that no way in my wildest imaginations do I compare a human life to that of an animal.
Having said that let me continue with a thought that has been resting uneasy in my mind for a couple of days.
Sunday evening late news included what I would consider an infomercial. It was a clip about a young lady that filmed her first bear kill. The clip was wrapped around a commercial by a local gun dealer.
Now I watched the clip and saw how the young lady and her father had built a stand high up in a tree. They then set up a bait trap. A plastic barrel with some edible items in it covered by small logs.
It then showed a bear approach the barrel, knock off the logs, tip the barrel and begin to enjoy the fruits of his/her efforts.
It was not shown, but it appears that the bear was shot and killed at this time.
My question… Do people really enjoy this? The killing of defenseless animals using high powered rifles and standing above and out of sight of the clueless animal. This is considered sport?
Sounds more like the cowardice mentioned by the state trooper to me but, that’s just me.
I detest all killing.
Think about it, and then tell me why you pound your chest with bravado when you slay a defenseless animal for no reason other than the “fun” of it.


7 thoughts on ““You Are a Coward”

  1. You didn’t notice the bear hunters that set up their folding lawn chairs at the local dump and wait for the bears to come a’scavenging? Common practice. My opinion is that if you are hunting for survival all is fair, If you are hunting for sport … there are many practices now that I find objectionable. At least they stopped the Internet hunting (camera on the rifle and keyboard used to pull the trigger from miles away) except, of course, in our military.

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  2. Coward, yes – pathetic, certainly – idiotic nincompoops, without question. The epitome of America brainwashed by the NRA, Duck Dynasty morons and an ever widening gap between reason and absurdity. Yikes – what’s it going to take for America to look at itself in the mirror and call bullshit. Holy crap 🙂


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