Michigan Politics

Got another one of those negative political ads in the mail today.
A few thoughts about this follow.
First it appears the Republicans have more money than we originally thought, the ads are coming almost daily. Is this Koch brother’s money or is it more local, say the DeVos money?
Hard telling, with Citizens United, just about any billionaire can buy the congress he/she wants.
Anyway this ad was in support of the Republican candidate for Michigan’s 32 district Senate seat. The candidate handpicked by ALEC or some other big money donor.
In looking at the ad we find that the Republican candidate voted to limit benefits to disabled citizens. Not clear, but one has to imagine this would include disabled vets.
We also find the Republican candidate is against affordable health care for Michigan citizens. (Big Insurance, Big Pharma influence here?)
And of course we all remember when he was in the state congress that voted to raise taxes on seniors, take property tax credits from those same seniors and cut earned income credit for working people. (Tax cuts for the rich have to be paid for someway.)
The congress that sat idly by watching Michigan cities and school districts go bankrupt from a lack of support from the state. A congress that watched Michigan’s roads and bridges crumble as they vacationed with pleasure.
This same congress, in the dark of night, passed the right to work (for less) law. It is known that in consideration of future political ambitions this dude did not vote for the law. But does anyone believe that if his vote was needed it would not have been given? Not me for sure, this guy is an ALEC puppet in the extreme.
And also of interest is the fact that not one of his mailings carry the Union bug! Supporter of unions? Hell no.
Think about these things and…. Don’t let them fool us again.
The time to regain our state from the oligarchs is now.
They have more money but we have more votes. We will win!
kenhorn (2)
This guy is not the answer.


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