The future of television in America (the world?)

With the increased corporate control of our mainstream media we are seeing less and less of what is going on in our country and our world.
Two recent events that got little or no media coverage indicate the corporate bias being a controlling factor in broadcasting today.
The first was the largest ever climate change march in New York City.
The second was the student protest in Colorado
Both of these events express the thoughts and desires of the people in our world today and yet they were also both made light of by the corporate controlled main stream media.
It is fortunate that we (the people) have the web and internet access so we can receive the real news facts of the day.
Based on these conditions future television will consist of broadcast TV showing reruns of SpongeBob square pants and other such illuminating shows. While the cable networks will be broadcasting borderline pornographic shows.
Again, let us all be thankful for internet access. Do not let them take it away from us.


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